The same way nature is constantly changing the landscape with weather, time, and seasons, our sense of self is evolving daily. Our lives consist of this cyclical creating and undoing of ourselves. Inspired by geological formations and the silver refining process, Relics asks the question of what these constant, tangibly felt yet invisible changes would look like if our spirits could be on display. 


Typically, peeling wall paint isn’t seen as beautiful, but it depends on your perspective. Chipped is an ongoing series documenting the peeling walls from around the world, currently featuring Turkey, Peru, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, and America. They reveal the culture, history, and personalities of the places that they belong to, and create an archive of different histories and cultures intertwined together. 


Escapes, Snapshots, Spirit Grounds, Lost, Take Me Back, and Reunited are part of an ongoing project documenting different areas of the world. They are archives revealing patterns of people, places, and sights in different communities and cultures, connected through a lens designed to make the viewer think both chronologically and cumulatively.